About Us

About Us

We are the Best IT Company in Raipur Since 2017

Why Nisharindia ?

NisharIndia is a team of passionate, highly qualified and experienced professionals with a vision to provide world class products and services.

We are best at software development, website design & development, interactive marketing and mobile application development. We believe in simplicity with perfection.

How Nisharindia Solve the Problem ?

NisharIndia is a one-stop solution for your software and web development problems. Whether you have a fully fleshed out an idea or just an idea that needs to be turned into a reality.

We have a team of skilled, dedicated who are ready to take your dreams and turn them into concrete, sustainable and scalable realities.

We Deliver Real-Time Solutions.

NisharIndia is a IT / Software Company, which provides real-time solutions to our customers regarding technical solutions.

We have been working for past five years & setting up new mile stone every day by the help of our young & creative team.

About NisharIndia

Our Mission

We focus not only on providing high quality unique & visually rich websites but also great customer support. It is our mission to provide the best support and service to our clients, we care for our each and every client that they have a great believes on our services.

Our Vision

It is our initiative to achieve goals within the scheduled time by understanding the customer's requirements in best possible way. Our Chief mission is to make quality assured and cost effective products to our client by timely completion.


NisharIndia is one of the top leading companies in Chhattisgarh which aims in providing quality services at reasonable prices to our clients. We strive towards 100% customer satisfaction by delivering services as per their requirements and expectations.

Team Nishar India

We have such great assets & leadership is here...

Sharad Chourasia

Sharad Chourasia ( Founder & CEO )

I am Sharad Chaurasia, CEO of Nishar India. I have experience in Software Development, ERP’s and Website development. I believe that if we work hard and play our cards right, we will succeed no matter what our background or profession.

With over 6 years of experience, we have built up a formidable business. There are many ways to survive during the pandemic. Acquiring a new business card may be one of them. I decided to make my own card because I was sick of all the associated costs and hassle. When the pandemic first hit, it felt like everyone was broke. Everyone had to pull out all the stops to survive. I was one of those people. I was broke, but at least I was working for myself so I knew I wasn't the only one. I decided to start my own IT company and I started investing my money, time and energy in NisharIndia, and now our company is growing daily.

Nisha Farheen

Nisha Farheen (Co-Founder)

I have been designing and running Facebook ads for over 3 years now. I learn everything about running Facebook ads here, from how to get more visitors to your site to what types of audiences you should target. I believe in transparency and accountability so that anyone can see the value in what we are doing, where we are going and how we can improve.

I usually work with health care industries, who are learning how to use online marketing and advertising to reach their individual goals, as well as with companies that are looking for ways to grow their business through targeted traffic and sales. I am also an experienced social media manager. I have runned multiple Facebook groups and been responsible for the management of multiple Twitter accounts. I’m quick to learn new skills and apply them in new ways to make my clients' lives easier while also making myself feel good about my own work.


Bhoopendra Batavia (Graphic Designer)

I am a Graphic Designer by profession.I have been working in this field for about 5 years now. I am passionate about my work and can provide various types of services such as : custom designing of products, websites, advertising, packaging etc.

Usually, I start off by sketching out what the design will be at the start then work on coming up with the images and colour variations while writing the text for the design document. I create unique designs for all kinds of social media websites. I have been working in this field for sometime and now finds time to do custom designs for various websites as well. It takes dedication and passion for this profession. And since this is not your average job, there are various challenges that you will have to face on a daily basis.

Shivani Verma

Shivani Verma (Web Developer)

If you are looking for a new website design then Shivani Verma is the ideal candidate for your web project. As a website developer, she can provide high-quality websites with custom made content to suit your needs. She knows how to build an effective ERP system that will help your business convert visitors into customers through improved data and business intelligence. Her experience also includes working with both startups and companies in the healthcare field so she is well-positioned to provide excellent software solutions for businesses of all sizes.

She has 3 years of experience in Full Stack Development and Operations. She focuses on User Experience and Consultation based Development practices to build high-quality websites which scale properly on both technical and visual levels.

Siddharth Patil

Siddharth Patil (Digital Marketer)

Siddharth Patil is a digital marketer and SEO expert. He routinely contributes to top-quality blogs and is known for consistently ranking websites based on quality content. His insights are invaluable for anyone interested in creating compelling websites, especially in today’s highly competitive market. He also understands how to build effective marketing strategies that will reap results – both for clients and for himself.

From bad copy to misleading content, there are all kinds of issues with web design that get recognized very easily. I’ve seen many people get dragged into financial difficulty because of their poor web design. This is where I come in! I love helping people improve their websites so that they can stand out in a crowd! I have useful tips and strategies that you can use as a beginner so that you too can achieve success with digital marketing!